Melania Posts Tweet Discouraging COVID-19 Misinformation, Gets Blasted For Her Hypocrisy: “Wouldn’t It Help If POTUS Weren’t The One Starting The Rumors In The First Place?”

Start with the orange idiot in your bedroom, why don't you?

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Apparently Melania Antoinette hasn’t gotten her fill of Twitter backlash yet as she’s evidently back for yet another round in today’s edition of “Tone-Deaf Tweets Coming From The White House.”

Evidently Melania is getting rather bored stuck in the house with her hubs and has resorted to taking up his social media habits — as in, posting a load of hypocritical and tone-deaf nonsense that she has to know she’s going to get blasted for.

The First Lady has already put her privilege on display several different times throughout this crisis as she continues to offer up suggestions for things to do as we all spend our time in isolation — because she apparently hasn’t caught onto the fact the most of us are still trying to work, care for our families, teach our kids, and figure out how to pay the light bill for the coming months. Not all of us have time to “read a book,” Ms. “Let Them Eat Cake,” when we’re all trying to figure out how to survive.


But apparently the proper lashing she got from Twitter users after those posts just wasn’t enough to keep her away.

America’s Marie Antoinette is back today with an equally ridiculous tweet, only this time she’s switched up the subject matter a bit.

It is important to stay informed & understand the facts about #COVID19. If you are unsure if information is accurate use the @fema Rumor Control website as a resource,” Melania wrote on her account with a link to FEMA’s website.

Now nobody’s mad at the fact that misinformation needs to be stopped. I just want to make that clear right off the bat. But you can bet your last dollar that plenty of folks are seeing red over the fact that the First Lady is tweeting about coronavirus misinformation while her husband is simultaneously touting medications that aren’t approved for COVID-19 treatment that have literally resulted in death.

If misinformation is coming from anyone, Mel, it’s your spouse. And Twitter was quick to remind her of that fact:

The next time you feel the urge to hit Twitter with some bullshit, Mel, might I suggest you read a book?

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