Melania Gives Parenting Advice Amid Pandemic, Internet Responds: “Finally Got Off The Tennis Court, Huh?”

Sit down, Melania.

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Earlier this month, as the potentially deadly coronavirus was rapidly spreading, First Lady Melania Trump sprang into action by looking over the construction of a tennis pavilion that’s being built on the grounds of the White House. As of now, there are 21,852 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., with 279 reported deaths. Donald Trump did not take the pandemic seriously for a couple of months, thus allowing the disease to grow exponentially.

No word from Melania during that time.

Well, now the former reality show star is taking it seriously as the Stock Market continues to plummet, and unemployment numbers are going through the roof. Trump’s chances of being reelected are growing dimmer as he continues to bungle his response to the pandemic. Ivanka, Trump’s daughter who has no medical experience, was standing near the podium at Friday’s COVID-19 press briefing.


And now, Trump’s third wife, who is the mother of his youngest son, is giving parenting advice while wearing a glammed-out fancy getup. She advised us on things we had NO knowledge of before, like wash our kids’ hands and whatnot.


Twitter users piled in.

Melanie could garner some respect and be taken seriously if she would throw on a pair of jeans, kick off those heels and put on some sneakers, then go deliver food, toilet paper, and sanitizer to the elderly who are without provisions while being isolated in their homes. I’m old enough to remember another First Lady that would feed the poor with a smile on her face.

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