Melania Claimed She’s “The Most Bullied Person In The World”

Oh, give me a break!

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Quite frankly, Melania Trump’s “Be Best” initiative as First Lady of the United States has been nothing more than a hypocritical crock of shit from the very get-go.

She’s attempting to leave her mark on her husband’s presidency through a campaign geared towards ending bullying — namely cyber-bullying, given the influx of online communication these days.

However, her dear ‘ol hubby is quite literally, hands down one of the biggest Twitter bullies that the world has ever seen — launching disgusting attacks daily and downright smear campaigns against anyone and everyone he deems his enemy all over the social media platform, on the regular — leading to his wife’s campaign being little more than yet another big, fat joke to come out of this administration.


Hell, even Melania herself knows how self-righteous and downright two-faced this little initiative of hers is.

But as it turns out, the campaign she’s determined to mark this administration with looks as though it may be even more self-serving than we originally thought — as evidently, Melania is of the belief that if anyone is suffering as the most bullied person in the world, it’s her.

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,” Melania stated during an interview while on her trip to Africa recently. “One of them – if you really see what people are saying about me.”

“That’s why ‘Be Best’ is focusing on online behavior and social media,” the First Lady continued. “We need to educate the children [about] social, emotional behavior.”

But now, thanks to Melania biographer, CNN’s Kate Bennett, and her recent book, Free, Melania, we know that Mel’s claim about believing that she’s the number one target in the world for online bullies isn’t just a bunch of hokum aimed to make the masses feel sorry for her.

Asked about the First Lady’s claim regarding her online initiative and her victimhood at the hands of cyberbullies, Bennett stated in an interview with The Washingtonian, “I think she really believes it.”

She followed her statement up by explaining, “Well, you have to also remember she’s a Trump. She lives in that bubble — like, ‘We’re constantly under attack.’ Sometimes she remarkably does the wrong thing. But I’ve gone with her to see detained [migrant] kids, and she really does get down on her hands and knees and gets dirty and holds kids and plays with them.”

It seems Donald isn’t the only member of the Trump clan that literally believes their own bullshit lies.

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