Matt Gaetz Appears To Lose His Cool At Witness Who Was Trying To Defend Herself: “You Don’t Get To Interrupt Me!”

Oh, shut the hell up.

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Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz spends a lot of his time angry these days. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s back on the sauce (or never got off the sauce), or if he’s finally come to grips with the fact that he at least rounds out the top ten most-hated politicians in the country, but the fact is, you can’t even snap a pic of Rep. Gaetz lately without a grimace or even a scowl on his preternaturally young, chubby face.

But not much pisses off Gaetz quite like an intelligent woman who makes him look like he’s not in total control of the situation when he’s speaking. And unfortunately for Matt, the unlikely star of the new impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee — just as with the House Intelligence Committee — is a strong woman who, frankly, knows her shit.

Gaetz thought he’d cornered Harvard Law professor Pamela Karlan with a line of questioning about her political affiliations, which of course have nothing to do with her knowledge or the propriety of her testifying before the Judiciary Committee. Steadily becoming angrier and angrier, Gaetz attempted to upbraid Professor Karlan over contributions to Obama and Clinton, media appearances, and an assessment she made about the psychology of conservative versus liberal voters.


When Karlan attempted to answer his unfounded claims about her, she dared to raise her voice over his mischaracterizations of her positions and of history itself, Gaetz snapped. And I know “snapped” is a loaded word, but you watch this video and tell me you don’t think he looks like a drunken boyfriend that you should probably be standing ten feet away from so he doesn’t hit you:

Now, that’s not some closely-edited, politically-biased clip — that’s the full exchange from freaking C-SPAN. And it’s damning.

Matt Gaetz has no business in the United States Congress. He has no business being around other people, in my opinion, but at the very least, we shouldn’t have someone so partisan, so angry and unhinged, so absolutely volatile in our political system.

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