Matt Gaetz Appears To Forget What Network He Was On, Calls CNN Anchor “Sean” Hannity

MAGA support makes you stupid.

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Who he took his oath to seems to not be the only thing Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz can’t keep straight in that Trump-fried brain of his. During an appearance on CNN last night, Gaetz found himself a little confused as to where he was at and who he was talking to.

Gaetz sat down for an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and seemed to forget that he wasn’t on his comfortable, MAGA-owned network — despite the fact that, unlike the Fox News media outlet, Cuomo held nothing back when it came to hammering the GOP Rep with relentless challenges to his hair-brained defense of Donald Trump.

“Congressman, you are always welcome, wherever I am, at nine or eleven, whenever,” Cuomo said to his Republican guest.


“Thanks, Sean,” the Trump-loving Congressman replied, seemingly confusing the CNN anchor with the MAGA community’s most favorite Fox News personality.

“Did you just call me Sean?” Cuomo asked Gaetz, rather puzzled at the Congressman’s blatant slip-up. “Did you just call me Sean?”

“That’s high praise,” Cuomo continued with a sneaky smile on his face.

“I’ve never been called Sean Hannity before,” he added.

This little slip up from the GOP Rep. just goes to show that these people truly live inside their own little world — a safe, loyal, and strikingly tone-deaf bubble full of nothing but blind allegiance to Donald Trump, with a steady intake of nothing more than misinformation from the state-run Fox News network.

Even when they dare to branch outside of their comfort zone, they’re never truly out of that MAGA headspace. The entire Republican party seems to have slipped into a Trump-fueled coma. Either that or Gaetz was trying his hand at a rather ridiculous troll against Cuomo.

And if that was the case, he failed pretty damn miserably.

You can watch the clip here:

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