Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Responds To Trump’s MLK Tweet, Doesn’t Hold Back

He held nothing back.

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Yesterday, as the nation took the day to honor, celebrate, and remember the life of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “President” Donald Trump spent the day behaving like his typical, immature, self-centered, racist-ass self.

To set the tone for the national holiday yesterday, Trump didn’t do a single thing to really even publicly acknowledge the day — no ceremony, no celebration, no address to the public about the continuing importance of King’s message in today’s time, not even a mention of the late Civil Rights Movement’s spiritual leader in passing to the press.

In fact, his schedule was as clear as the open, blue sky until 3 pm yesterday when he was gearing up for his Davos trip.


But unfortunately, and as usual when we’re talking about Donald Trump, the dude couldn’t just leave well enough alone. He couldn’t possibly let the day pass with no real recognition from the United States president short of a cheap, generic retweet of his White House and then move on. No.

Instead, he had to take the opportunity to garner as much attention for himself as he could possibly muster with a ridiculously immature tweet in which he not only diminished the importance of the holiday this nation was celebrating yesterday but also attempted to bank on success of his predecessors, claiming the achievement of record-breaking low unemployment rates among African Americans, despite the fact that he only inherited the accomplishment without putting in a single ounce of work to achieve it.

Pretty much the whole world recoiled in horror once again at the hands of a strikingly tone-deaf, inconceivably selfish, and blatantly false Trump tweet.

However, the son of Dr. King was not going to stand idly by while Trump pulled his stunt.

Speaking on a segment with CNN, King III stated, “I think they’re always good words, but the question is: Is it actually documented and true?”

“When I travel around the country, between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, African American unemployment rates are 40, 50 and 60 percent in some communities.”

“If we were as well-off as being stated, you would see violence decreased. You would see a community exist in more of a different way,” the son of the late Civil Rights Movement leader continued. “But every day, somewhere around this nation, particularly in communities of color, someone is being killed. In poor communities, someone is being killed.”

“More and more people are living on the streets in a trillion-dollar economy. A nation with trillions of dollars of economy, we have the audacity to have homeless people. That is unacceptable.”

Speaking again on Trump’s tweet, King III stated, “I think it’s great to say that, but I don’t know that it is accurate.”

And folks, it’s not accurate. It wasn’t accurate when he said it last year and it’s not accurate today. Trump did not contribute to those stats. In fact, things have appeared to worsen under his reign of terror. He’s simply doing as he’s always done and taking someone else’s achievements to the bank.

You can watch the clip here:

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