Mark Meadows Had To Walk Back A Claim He Made That Trump Was So Concerned Over Unemployed Workers He Was Checking In On Negotiations Every Hour, When In Reality Donald Was On The Golf Course

They need to be called out on every lie.

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Donald Trump marked his 376th visit to one of his properties and 283rd visit to one of his golf clubs during his presidency on Saturday amid the number of national crises the United States is facing. And Trump is again hitting the links on Sunday. Interestingly, today marks the day the president promised to unveil a health care plan for Americans, and that is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans are out of a job, and food banks are being hammered with lines of cars waiting to pick up essentials exceeding as far as the eye can see.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows claimed that Trump is concerned over the unemployment numbers, and went as far as to say that the president checks in every hour on negotiations. But, a reporter countered that Trump is at the golf course again. Meadows was standing next to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin when he attempted to laugh while walking the comment back.



Meadows looked nervous at the time. It’s my thought that he’s aware the Trump’s campaign is going down as quick as Melania on date night. Trump has not only mishandled and bungled the pandemic, but he has also stoked racial division in the United States. A president should not be golfing while Americans are dying, sick, and unemployed as they shelter at home to flatten the coronavirus curve. Trump has shown no remorse for the mountain of bodies behind him.

And when Trump isn’t golfing, he’s tweeting to lash out at his critics, blame others for his misdeeds, and try to distract Americans from his failures as president. Trump isn’t concerned over the unemployed citizens of this country. He only worries that the numbers will hurt his chances of re-election. America married its abusive boyfriend. It’s time to get a divorce on November 3rd.

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