Manhattan District Attorney Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On Trump’s Taxes And Donald Appears To Be In Trouble

Trump may finally be held accountable.

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The Supreme Court’s rebuke of Donald Trump’s argument against handing over his tax records surprised nearly everyone. But Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is celebrating the rule of law being upheld and now Trump is in trouble.

The high court delivered a 7-2 victory for New York investigators, who now expect Trump to give them the tax records they subpoenaed several months ago as part of a probe to determine whether Trump and his business empire broke financial laws.

Even both of Trump’s appointees to the Court ruled against him in quite a backlash against any president claiming to be above the law.


Vance will now presumably be able to present Trump’s tax records to a grand jury.

But first, he issued a celebratory statement.

“This is a tremendous victory for our nation’s system of justice and its founding principle that no one – not even a president – is above the law,” he said, going on to say that the grand jury now gets a chance to look over the documents after nearly a year of waiting.

Just in case you thought it would be that easy, however, Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow vowed to continue fighting for Trump to be above the law.

“We will now proceed to raise additional Constitutional and legal issues in the lower courts,” he said.

These “additional issues” are clearly a tactic to continue delaying the release of Trump’s tax documents despite the Supreme Court ruling. Their argument failed so now they are going to offer a new one to keep this issue tied up in court through Election Day.

If Trump has nothing to hide, he would not be going to such desperate lengths to keep his tax records hidden. Now the grand jury will get to see what he’s been trying to keep secret all these years, and that could result in his prosecution for state crimes that are unpardonable by any president.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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