Malaysia’s PM Asks Trump To Resign, Calls On Other World Leaders To Do The Same

They ALL need to do the same!

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Donald Trump has never had what I’d call a “good” relationship with his fellow world leaders and it’s really no surprise — he’s dramatic, hard to work with, selfish as fuck, and overall just not a fun guy to be around.

But as his ego swells exponentially, it seems that his counterparts around the world are beginning to see that the issue with Donald Trump is a lot bigger than just the annoying guy that pouts at NATO and leaves early when someone says something not so nice to him — they’re coming to realize that he’s extremely dangerous too.

As a result, one of Trump’s fellow world leaders has now spoken out and called on Trump to resign from his presidency before he sends the whole world to Hell in a handbasket.


“BREAKING: Malaysia’s Prime Minister says Donald Trump should resign: ‘I asked him to resign to save America.’ Other world leaders should do the same,” a tweet from The Dem Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin read late last night.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad spoke with The Star newspaper and offered up a further explanation for his call to resign — revealing that it came as a result of Trump’s proposed Israel-Palestine peace deal, which Mohamad referred to as “utterly unacceptable” and “grossly unjust.”

“I asked him to resign to save America,” the Malaysian Prime Minister explained.

On Saturday, Mohamad said of the peace deal at the third conference of The League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds, “This deal will only bring more conflict to the region, and will antagonize billions of people around the world.”

The US embassy in Malaysia has since spoken out and stated that the Prime Minister’s remarks were not in the constructive spirit that the two nations have long been enjoying.

Frankly, it’s high damn time that the rest of the world’s leaders follow suit. Because God knows are corrupt government at this point won’t be doing anything to get rid of him.

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