Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director Responds To Trump’s Visit To Brand’s Workshop, Calls POTUS A “Joke”

We've been calling him that, and worse, for years now.

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Donald Trump recently attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the brand new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas, flanked by the luxury brand’s CEOs, Bernard Arnault and Michael Burke.

Trump has been making quite the to-do about the new factory all over his Twitter account — much to the dismay of many Americans, considering Louis Vuitton has never been in their financial vocabulary and if Trump has anything to do with it, never will be.

But sure. Let’s all get excited about a bunch of shit we can never afford, right? Shoes that cost more than our rent?! Yippee!


Anyway, while Trump bragged to all us peasants down here about his new luxury plant, there was one member of the Louis Vuitton company that was less than thrilled about the brand’s association with the likes of Donald Trump.

Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière was quick to let the world know just exactly how he feels about our “president” and his appearance within the brand.

Captioning a photo of the cover art featured on Evelyn Thomas’ 1984 single “High Energy,” Ghesquière wrote, “Standing against any political action. I am a fashion designer refusing this association.”

The French designer followed up his cation with the hashtags #trumpisajoke and #homophobia.

The Louis Vuitton employee disabled the comments on his post, likely out of complete disinterest for what the MAGA fucks have to say about it, but not before he received a plethora of praise regarding his stance against Donald Trump, according to reports from both CBS and Huffington Post.

Editor-in-chief of Out Magazine Phillip Picardi responded, “You better say it!!! Proud of you,” according to reports from the two media outlets.

Neither LVMH nor Louis Vuitton shared photographs directly from the inaugural ceremony but LVMH did share of photo of Trump as he was about to cut the ribbon, flanked by his daughter Ivanka, captioning it, “The LVMH Group celebrates the inauguration of the Louis Vuitton Rochambeau Ranch leather goods workshop in Texas, in presence of United States President Donald J. Trump, LVMH Chairman & CEO Bernard Arnault, Louis Vuitton Chairman & CEO Michael Burke.”

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for Twitter users to begin expressing the same feelings towards the brand’s move as their very own designer has:

Were they just looking to go bankrupt, or what’s going on here?

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