Longtime Associate Warns America Of What Trump Will Do In 2020 If He Loses, It Is NOT Good

The worst may be yet to come.

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Even with the many great Democratic contenders in the race for 2020 and the fact that Trump’s approval rating shows no chance of improvement, this country will be holding its breath to see what comes of this presidential race. Even if Trump happens to lose (and hopefully he does), the uprising of the biggest bully and his rabid supporters could be a major threat to the country’s safety and stability.

These fears were echoed by one of Trump’s longtime associates, commentator Donny Deutsch, who went on MSNBC’s AM Joy to not only promote his new show but to warn Americans of what’s to come. Having known the president for decades, Deutsch is predicting that Trump’s worst qualities will cause him to become dangerously unhinged if he loses the 2020 election. In speaking with Joy Reid, Deutsch didn’t beat around the bush. He said:

What happened this week with [Attorney General Bill] Barr, since Citizens United, is the scariest thing to our democracy as possible, and people should be frightened. And he [Trump] uses the dictator playbook. One thing, again, authoritative figures telegraph and he did it last election. He was already teeing it up.”

Deutsch also warned that there may be an outbreak in violence or a major uprising, especially considering Trump’s love of stirring up his gullible followers:


Michael Cohen said this and I know this: If he loses, he will not… he is going get out of office but it will not be a graceful, peaceful transition. I believe he will say it’s a rigged system. I believe he’s not beyond telling his people to take to the streets. This is how dangerous this man is.”

You can watch the interview below:

This is exactly why Trump is so terrifying.

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