Listen To Trump Appear To Distance Himself From Giuliani’s Involvement In Ukraine Scandal: “Rudy Has Other Clients, Other Than Me”

Rudy Colludy is in such deep doody.

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You hear that? That big KA-THUNK sound? That was the sound of the bus that President Trump just threw Rudy Giuliani under running over his lumpy, misshapen head.

In a breaking interview with washed-up former Fox star Bill O’Reilly, Trump distanced himself from his personal lawyer in a way he has not previously done — in a way NO client has ever distanced themselves from their lawyer, perhaps.

As the former New York Mayor made various television and radio appearances during and after the first round of impeachment inquiry hearings, he reiterated a few things over and over, as though those things were more important to Rudy that the public be aware of than anything else.


Number one, that he didn’t believe Trump would throw him under the bus, but that if Trump did, he has some mysterious “insurance” policy to guard his own interests. And number two, that everything he did in Ukraine regarding trying to arrange for federal prosecutors there to investigate Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the company Burisma, was all done in the interest of, service of, and at the direction of Donald Trump.

That’s a major claim — if Rudy was simply doing Trump’s bidding, it very nearly doesn’t matter that he’s not actually in the government and has no business conducting foreign policy. Surely the President himself has the right to appoint anyone he wants to be an emissary abroad, especially his lawyer.

But now Trump says he has no idea what Rudy was doing.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of when Trump threw Michael Cohen under the bus by claiming he had no recollection of any hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, Trump told Billo that he’d “have to ask that to Rudy.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber picked up the audio, which he played on his show just a few moments ago:

If things go the way they did for Michael Cohen, Rudy should start getting fitted for a jumpsuit any day now.

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