Lindsey Graham Just Further Proved Trump Has Damaging Information On Him, Threatens Subpoenas

What is Lindsey Graham so afraid of?

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Appearing via live feed from the Munich Security Conference in Germany on CBS’ Face The Nation, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham weighed in on Sunday on the upcoming 60 Minutes special with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

In that segment which will air on Sunday evening’s episode, McCabe discusses a conversation he says he had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — the man in charge of the Russia investigation at the Department of Justice after the recusal of former AG Jeff Sessions — about whether or not a majority of Cabinet members would support removing Donald Trump from office using the 25th Amendment.

Senator Graham told the host that he intends to hold hearings to discover the truth about that supposed conversation, which he called “stunning”:


I know he’s selling a book, and we need to take with a grain of salt maybe what Mr. McCabe is telling us. But he went on national television and he made an accusation that floors me.”

Very few people remain that believe Lindsey Graham’s comments are an honest take on what he thinks is wrong with the nation right now. The prevailing theory is that the President has some sort of Russian-style Kompromat on the South Carolina Republican that has caused what amounts to a 180-degree reversal of his attitude toward the President over the course of Trump’s two years in the White House.

We’ve written before about the fact that some even believe that the President’s compromising information on the Senator could be details of sexual proclivities that Graham is terrified to have made public.

Whatever the cause of Graham’s reversal, he’s gone from being an outspoken critic of Donald Trump to an absolute sycophant, doing Trump’s bidding and echoing — even amplifying — the President’s rhetoric at every turn, no matter how ridiculous it makes him sound.

Now he’s threatening to send subpoenas to McCabe and Rosenstein over a conversation they had that mirrors one had by countless people across the country: Is Donald Trump crazy enough to remove via the 25th Amendment?

We’re pretty sure the answer is yes.

Watch the exchange here:

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