Lindsey Graham Just Doubled Down On Trump’s “Lynching” Comments, Takes It To Another Level

So, SO racist.

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Every time we think that Donald Trump has gone as low as he can go in the public discourse, he seems to prove us shockingly naïve by saying something even more outrageous. Today that came in the form of a comparison between the legal, necessary investigation and impeachment inquiry being undertaken by House Democrats and Jim Crow-era lynchings.

Amazingly, despite the immediate and very intense backlash both on Twitter and in statements to reporters, the President’s tweet is still up, which means he intends to leave it up and stand by it. In fact, he probably made the decision to do so because he pissed so many people off, and because so many of them were people of color.


Condemnations came up from every corner of the Congressional Black Caucus, including the chairwoman, Karen Bass of California:

Representatives Yvette Clark and Jim Clyburn also spoke out, as well as presidential candidate (and Senator) Cory Booker.

You know who wasn’t all that upset, though? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

This is a lynching in every sense. This is un-American. This is a sham, this is a joke.”

That would be Trump lapdog and occasional casual traitor Lindsey Graham, of the notoriously lynching-friendly state of South Carolina. Perhaps he was defensive about his state’s tenth-highest recorded number of actual lynchings in America among all states and wanted to help the President soften the word a bit.

That’s not working, Lindsey. And stepping up the racism of calling this Constitutional, legal process equal to a race-based murder by casually using the words “sham” and “joke” — as though lynchings weren’t even a real thing — is even more disgusting than what the President said himself.

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