Lindsey Graham Humiliates Himself, Takes Back His Own Statements On Syria To Help Trump

Graham sold his soul to the devil.

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been transforming over the last several months. Once an outspoken Donald Trump critic, Graham has taken to siding with the president far more often and has even gone so far as to praise the president, making a complete 180. Even when there’s a small glimmer of hope that the old Lindsey Graham is still somewhere inside, he eventually goes back on his word and proves that Trump has him wrapped around his finger.

Not too long ago, Graham blasted Trump for his announcement to pull out U.S. forces from Syria, calling it “the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.” But on Friday, the Senator said something very different in an interview with Fox News. Graham completely humiliated himself and showed he was just as spineless as his GOP colleagues as he backpedaled and said:

I think it’s a very smart decision by the president. He listened to sound military advice, he adjusted his policies. The goal is to make sure ISIS doesn’t come back.”

Graham continued to call it a “Great decision by the president” and spent a good part of the interview talking about what a good Commander in Chief Trump was (barf).


And of course, the hosts at Fox News didn’t hold Graham accountable for his former statements in which he’d opposed the president’s Syria pullout. Instead, Graham got away for being just as big of a flip flopper as the president.

The GOP can’t even keep its own statements straight – how can anyone trust a Republican politician at this point? It seems hard to believe, but these conservative politicians just continue to become more spineless as the days go by. Trump has truly turned the party into a bunch of old white men who can’t stand up to an unhinged bully.

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