Lindsey Graham Has Gone So Badly Off The Rails That His Friends Staged An Intervention On Live TV

They're legitimately worried about him.

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If you ask me, along with the majority of the country, Senator Lindsey Graham has always been a douchebag. But according to a couple of his friends, he hasn’t always been a douchebag of the most recent, massive proportions — and evidently, that has a whole to do to with Donald Trump. Graham’s friends seem to be so concerned over the direction his life is taking, especially after the Senator advised the president’s son to blatant defy a Congressional subpoena, that they took to Trump’s adversary news network, CNN to show their concern for their friend and beseech him to change his ways.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo began the segment with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who quickly addressed the downfall of Graham’s integrity.

“This is not the Lindsey I know,” Manchin stated. “I can’t explain what’s going on right now and his thought process. He lost his dear, dear friend John McCain and our ally. That might have had some effect but I can’t speak to that. I just know that the facts of what we’re seeing unfold and what has happened has been because it was clear and evident.”


After the interview with Manchin, CNN followed up with a panel discussion featuring Ann Navarro, a former employee of the late Senator John McCain — one of Lindsey Grahams closest friends. Navarro pointed out that she used to consider Graham a very close friend, but she too is now deeply concerned about him.

“Chris, if I may, a point of personal privilege, I was hearing your interview with Sen. Manchin about Lindsey Graham. Lindsey has been a friend of mine for so many years. I used to be able to pick up the phone and talk to Lindsey any time I wanted. He hasn’t picked up the phone in a long time. So, I’m going to use your show to talk to him,” Navarro began, using the platform to reach out to her old friend.

“I loved this man. He was a truth speaker,” she stated. “He was a straight talker. He was John McCain’s best friend. When I see what has become of Lindsey Graham right now, it hurts my heart. Like Sen. Manchin, I don’t recognize him. He is a man that loves his country and is a patriot and served his country. I am proud and grateful for his service but I am hoping that Lindsey Graham realizes that he is not serving this country or Constitution well or the memory of John McCain well.”

She then called on Graham to take a moment and think about what McCain would have done in this moment and reminded him that he serves the American people, not the president.

“Donald Trump’s lawyer. Donald Trump’s defender and adviser, a legal adviser for Donald Trump Jr. He is there to represent the people of South Carolina. Lindsey, go back to being Lindsey. I feel like it’s an episode of the body snatchers,” she ended.

It’s sad that so many members of this administration have gone so far so fast that their closest friends are left to take to news segments in an attempt to reach out.

You can watch both interviews here:

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