Leaked Audio From Private Dinner Shows Trump Didn’t Know Semi-Trailer Trucks Run On Diesel, Yet That Industry Makes Up A Large Portion Of His Supporters

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I’m willing to bet my last paycheck that Donald Trump is really regretting the fact that he hasn’t made a habit out of checking for recording devices, as the dimwit has been busted saying quite a few horrible, incriminating, and downright idiotic things lately.

This whole trend of things Trump wishes no one had ended up hearing kicked off recently when secret audio, captured by former Giuliani henchman Igor Fruman, was released to the public in which someone who was almost assuredly Donald Trump could be heard saying “Take her out!” in regard to former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. The bombshell recording busted Trump on not one, but two different lies — proving that he’s had it out for Yovanovitch for some time now despite his incessant claims otherwise, and also refuted his claims that he didn’t know/had never spoken to/had never met former Rudy associate turned Trump impeachment wildcard Lev Parnas after it was revealed that Parnas was a part of the conversation with Trump that was captured on the recording.

The same day that Donald found himself incriminated thanks to someone who thought it’d be a good idea to keep their receipts, he then found his pettiness and boundless ego on display for all the world to see after an additional audio recording was made public in which he can be heard complaining over the fact that Conan the dog received more praise for the Baghdadi killing than he did.


And now, thanks to a bit more digging into the audio that contained the Yovanovitch bombshell, Trump’s blatant ignorance and downright stupidity is on display, as well.

Now that we’ve had some time to digest the fact that Trump quite literally demanded that his people “take out” the former Ukranian ambassador, folks have had some time to comb through the rest of the content captured in the recording back in April of 2018. And in addition to the fact that our “president” is a wannabe mobster, he’s a flaming fucking moron too.

Despite the fact that the trucking industry makes up a huge chunk of his supporters, one portion of the audio has revealed that Donald, like most other things, doesn’t actually know diddly squat about it.

So little, in fact, that he didn’t seem to even know or understand that semi-trailer trucks run on diesel instead of standard gasoline.

Tucked in the 83-minute audio clip is an approximately 10-minute long conversation Trump partook in with some of his biggest donors at the dinner regarding the $800 billion trucking industry.

After touching on the topic of Tesla and electric passenger trucks, one attendee who identified themselves as a trucking executive who used to work for USPS attempted to address the subject of the difficulty surrounding feeding semi-trucks.

“What do you mean trucks? What do you do? Where did you say you work at?” Trump questioned.

“Our main thing we do, we haul mail for the Postal Service,” the exec. replied.

“Oh, I see,” Trump stated. “So you know the difference, right? You have every kind. Is there anything like gasoline?”

“Nope. Well, diesel is trucking,” the former USPS employee stated.

“How is diesel compared to regular gasoline?” Donald asked.

The trucking exec. attempted to explain, “Well, diesel in a semi — you can’t run gasoline in a semi.”

“Why can’t you? Just not as strong?” Trump questioned, seemingly perplexed.

“It doesn’t have the BTUs that diesel has,” the exec. explained.

Donald evidently was also unaware that truckers have to adhere to safety regulations, such as those that disallow them from driving more than 11 hours in one 24-hour period.

“You mean they can only drive so much?” Trump can be heard questioning in the recording. “Like a pilot? I didn’t know that.”

It seems Trump’s take with the trucking industry is very similar to that of his with the military — he claims to be their biggest champions, he wants their votes and support, yet he cares nothing about actually educating himself on their inner workings. So much so that he evidently doesn’t know the difference in diesel and gas or the severity of a traumatic brain injury.

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