Law Professor Thanks Ivanka For Providing Tool For Her Anti-Corruption Class, Helps To Demonstrate “A Flagrant Violation Of Federal Ethics Laws”

If you can't be an example, perhaps you can serve as a warning.

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Although the odds of Ivanka Trump facing any real consequences for illegally posing with a can of Goya brand beans — chalk up yet another violation of the Hatch Act for someone in the Trump administration — are relatively low unless someone in the next administration decides to pursue charges against the endless list of people in Trump’s circle who have done so, it seems that she could soon at least be serving as a warning to others.

Jessica Tillipman, the Assistant Dean of George Washington Law School and the Professor of Anti-Corruption, Compliance & Government Procurement Law there, tweeted this morning about Ivanka’s legal transgression, something she knows a lot about, given her position at one of the top 25 law schools in America.

The Hatch Act, of course, prevents government employees from using their official positions to promote a brand or product, which is exactly what Ivanka did after the CEO of Goya publicly praised her father’s administration, which prompted an immediate boycott of their products.


First of all, she speaks Spanish like a very white woman. The correct phrase is “debe ser” for “has to be.” But more importantly, although her brother attempted to point out that it was tweeted from her personal account, she regularly does government business from that account and even lists her government position in her bio on the account. That means she very definitely broke the law.

Professor Tillipman recognized it immediately and decided that Ivanka would henceforth be a prop in her anti-corruption class:

We’re positive that Ivanka’s daddy will try to do something to stop Professor Tillipman from doing so, but Ivanka is a public figure, and besides, as he’s been consistently reminded of every time he tries to take on Barack Obama, you just don’t mess with a law professor.

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