Laughter Broke Out During Hearing After Dem Lawmaker Appeared To Make Fun Of GOP’s Attempts To Downplay POTUS Attacks On Yovanovitch

Quigley's sarcasm wins again!

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The public impeachment hearings that were demanded by the Republicans have turned into a bit of a circus thanks to… You guessed it, the Republicans.

They’ve done everything they can to make these public hearings that they just had to have into a complete mockery with immature antics and childish behavior — no doubt in an attempt to derail the whole thing because that’s the only defense they have left when it comes to Donald Trump.

But when it came to the discussion surrounding Donald and his administration’s smear campaign against the witness, former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich, Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley gave the entire room a giggle at the expense of none other than Trump himself.


“It’s like a Hallmark movie — you ended up at Georgetown. This is all okay,” Quigley sarcastically quipped.

“But it wasn’t your preference seven or eight months ago, correct?” he asked the witness.

“No, it was not,” Yovanovich responded.

“It wasn’t your preference to be the victim of a smear campaign, was it?” the Democratic Rep questioned.


“It wasn’t your preference to be defamed by the President of the United States, including today, was it?” Quigley asked the former Ambassador, referencing Donald’s attacks against Yovanovitch on Twitter this morning during the first part of the hearing.

“No,” she replied.

Quigley then took the opportunity to zero in on the fact that Yovanovich would have much rather finished out her term as Ambassador than to be unwillingly thrust into the middle of one of the president’s scandals.

“It’s not the end of a Hallmark movie,” Quigley stated. “It’s the end of a really bad reality TV show, brought to you by someone who knows a lot about that.”

Frankly, Quigley’s sarcasm is virtually unmatched. Just ask Don Jr. And who better to aim it at than Donald Trump?

You can watch the clip here:

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