Kellyanne’s Husband Just Donated Money To Trump’s GOP Opponent

I'm willing to bet he's sleeping on the couch.

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For some reason or another, George Conway is still married to the bitch-in-chief, Kellyanne. We don’t know why, we can’t explain it, but for whatever reason, he keeps her Trump-loving ass around.

However, despite the fact that they still share an address (though at this point I certainly couldn’t imagine them sharing a bed) that’s done absolutely nothing to stop Kellyanne’s hubby from expressing his own thoughts and opinions on his wife’s boss.

And — spoiler alert — he doesn’t think highly of the dude.


While Kellyanne has her head shoved so far up Donald Trump’s orange ass she hasn’t seen the light of day or taken a breath of fresh air in at least three years, her husband George has landed on the other side of that fence — serving as one of the biggest Trump detractors this nation has seen.

Seriously, his Twitter is hilarious. You should check it out.

George even went so far earlier this month to pen a blistering op-ed for The Atlantic titled “Unfit for Office” where he once again called into question Trump’s mental health and ability to safely, competently, and effectively hold the office of the president of the United States.

But what originated as tweets and op-eds, Conway has now taken a delicious step further by donating the maximum amount allowed to Donald’s Republican political opponent, candidate Joe Walsh, a former Congressman from Illinois.

According to a new finance report, George donated the maximum amount of $5900 to Walsh’s campaign on August 30th, just a few days after the Congressman announced his run for the 2020 election against Trump.

Walsh has also been a huge detractor of the current president and stated during an unsanctioned GOP debate last month, “The problem is an unfit president in the White House who took a divided country and is dividing that.”

“The Republican Party brand sucks, and it sucks because of him,” he continued. “Young people can’t stand the party, women can’t stand the party, black people who live in the suburbs can’t stand it.”

While Walsh, thus far hasn’t particularly done well from a financial standpoint with his campaign, I’m willing to bet that George was cool with losing 5900 bucks just to piss in Kellyanne’s Cheerios.

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