Kellyanne Conway Went On CNN, Told Host She Doesn’t Know Lev Parnas, So Parnas’ Attorney Released A Photo

In your face, Kellyanne.

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Apparently, it’s now a thing that if someone in Donald Trump’s orbit denies knowing indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, his attorney, Joseph Bondy, will curb-stomp their ass by releasing a photo of them with his client. Trump has denied knowing Parnas, who stands at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, even though he’s donated to the “president’s” campaign and is seen in photos hanging out with the former reality show star.

So, Parnas threatened to release a new photo of himself with Trump every time the “president” denies knowing him. That deal extends to Trump’s colleagues, too, apparently, because White House counselor Kellyanne Conway just got Bondy’d after she denied knowing Parnas during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

After some back and forth, Cuomo invited her to “speak to what Lev Parnas says and what the documents show and what the president shows and the witnesses show.”


“I don’t know Lev Parnas. What documents?” Conway said as if she hadn’t read or heard about the bombshell doc dump and Parnas’s subsequent interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s show that everyone is talking about.


Kellyanne immediately got the Bondy treatment.

Twitter users piled on.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. Trump, who claims to know the “best people” and claimed to have “one of the great memories of all time,” doesn’t know who Trump donor Lev Parnas is, who is seen in photos galavanting around with the “president” and his family members at different resorts. We’re expected to believe that everyone around  Trump is a swamp monster except for him. And, remarkably, no one else on team trump remembers Parnas either. Sounds legit!

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