Kayleigh McEnany Ironically Says Administration Condemns Hong Kong’s Decision To Delay Its Election Because It Undermines Democracy A Day After Trump Floats The Idea Of Delaying The Election Here

Uhm... Okay.

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Donald Trump finally pulled the stunt that we’ve all been sitting in terror waiting for since the day he was inaugurated. Yesterday morning, he took to his Twitter account — amid his rapidly plunging poll numbers against Joe Biden, due to his lack of a legitimate response to the pandemic and the overall fact that he’s a treasonous, tyrannical piece of human garbage — and actually had the gall to suggest that we delay the election in this country, a mere 94 days away.

We knew it was coming, and as he faces what will likely be a landslide loss, it really came as no surprise when he finally pulled it out.

However, according to his current press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, the election, like most other things in his life, are only up for debate when it stands to serve him. If anyone else tries to pull such a stunt, Trump loses his wig.


Evidently, Hong Kong has made the decision to postpone its election amid the pandemic woes.

And ironically enough, according to McEnany this morning, Trump has some unsavory thoughts about that.

When questioned by a reporter regarding Hong Kong’s decision, Kayleigh was quick to fire off Trump’s condemnation.

“We condemn the Hong Kong government’s decision to postpone for one year its legislative council elections and to disqualify opposition candidates. This action undermines the Democratic processes and freedoms that have underpinned Hong Kong’s prosperity and this is only the most recent in a growing list of broken promises by Bejing, which promised autonomy and freedoms to the Hong Kong people,” Kayleigh answered, clearly reading from a prewritten response.

I’m not sure if McEnany has ever heard that old saying, “What’s good for the goose…” But you don’t get to pick and choose who gets to delay elections and who doesn’t based upon whether or not Donald Trump is losing his ass.

That just is not how this works.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore 

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