Justin Trudeau Just Gave A Very, Very Long Pause After He Was Asked To Comment Directly On Trump’s Handling Of Protests And Violence

He's at a loss for words.

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While Donald Trump brings this country closer to fascism while unleashing the military on our streets, most Republicans haven’t blinked an eye. It’s always former Republicans speaking out, and right now, our country is being destroyed by a former reality TV show star. Well, the rest of the world has noticed, and one leader took a long pause before responding when asked about our current president’s handling of the protests against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at a loss for words over Trump allowing protesters to be tear-gassed to make way for his photo-op that was complete with a Bible in his hands.



After probably the longest pause in political history, Trudeau offered a thoughtful response during this turbulent time and addressed systematic racism, and that’s something this administration has failed to do. Instead of lashing out at critics, or creating more chaos, Trudeau addressed the problems in Canada that need to be dealt with to change and improve.

Trudeau did not point fingers or get angry. What he did was focus on the issue. Our president is incapable of taking the focus away from himself while citizens across the United States are suffering and in despair. Trudeau didn’t need a script to remind him of what to say. In contrast, when our president goes off-script, all hell breaks loose.

This Twitter user nailed it.

Trump has become the aggressor, while protesters are demanding racial equality, and while Trump claims to have no issue with peaceful protesters, Colin Kaepernick would like to have a word.

Take some notes from a real leader, Mr. Trump. The entire world is watching, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t laughing at us anymore. They pity us.

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