Journalist Claims Trump Is Holding COVID-19 Pressers Everyday In Place Of His Rallies Because “He Needs Praise Like He Needs Oxygen”

It's time for the major news networks to stop airing Trump's press conferences and this journalism professor explains why.

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As President Donald Trump continues feeding his narcissistic need for attention by holding coronavirus press conferences that he has to be the star of, a journalism professor says he’s doing it because he can’t hold rallies and is calling for the press to showcase him out during this national emergency.

Trump has responded poorly to this pandemic from the start, but instead of smartening up and providing Americans with accurate information and straight talk when we need it most, Trump is still dealing in misinformation and all-out lies to cover his incompetence. That means even undercutting seasoned health professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci at every turn.

USA Today Journalist Windsor Mann made a startling observation after Trump’s latest press conference circus.


And that’s not going to change any time soon as NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen explained on Twitter.

Indeed, this was demonstrated perfectly on Saturday when NBC’s Peter Alexander asked Trump the simple question of what he would tell scared Americans during this crisis, only to be viciously attacked in response without Trump ever really answering the question. Vice President Mike Pence, meanwhile, answered the same question with a compassionate reply that Trump should have delivered himself.

Any normal and sane person watching these press conferences understands that Trump is unfit to lead during this crisis and that he is lying through his teeth and making the crisis worse than it should be.

But Trump is putting on a show for his followers and making the pressers all about himself because he’s treating them like the rallies he can’t hold right now — because doing so risks further spread of a virus that has infected well north of 10,000 people and has killed over 200.

That would be an even worse circus because Trump would spew his bile to cheering supporters who would then boo, hiss and threaten reporters after Trump attacks them for challenging him with tough questions.

Rosen concluded by arguing that it’s time for major news organizations to stop airing these press conferences/rallies live and only show clips of information Americans need such as what Fauci and other health officials deliver.

Let’s hope the major news networks listen to Rosen because Trump’s narcissism and ego are killing people.

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