John Lewis Had A Final Message To Biden Just Days Before He Passed And It Will Give You Chills

This gave me chills.

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Right now, this nation as a whole is depending on former Vice President and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, perhaps more than we have ever depended on anyone in our lifetimes, to pull this country out of the trenches that Donald Trump has buried us in.

It’s a lot of responsibility to weigh on one individual’s shoulders, but we have faith that Biden can pull us through what will likely go down in history as the darkest time this country has seen in decades and decades. And it seems like one of the most important, powerful voices that this nation has ever had the pleasure of knowing, had a deep faith in him too.

During a speech yesterday on the racial inequalities still running rampant in the United States economy, Joe Biden revealed that he had a heart to heart conversation with the late Civil Rights icon John Lewis just days before he lost his battle with cancer — in which Lewis advised Biden to remain focused on “the work left undone to heal this nation.”


Biden noted that, even from his deathbed, Lewis could not be distracted from the current state of this country and the former Vice President’s bid to rid the White House of the national stain that is Donald Trump.

“He asked that we stay focused on the work left undone to heal this nation, to remain undaunted by the public health crisis and the economic crisis that has taken the blinders off in this crisis and shown the systemic racism that plagues this nation,” Biden explained during his speech.

As the election circles in, Biden has been honing in on a series of economic recovery plans under the slogan “Build Back Better” — plans that range from helping create manufacturing jobs, promoting green infrastructure, and dismantling systemic racism in the United States economy.

To know that someone as powerful as the late John Lewis had faith in Joe Biden to get the job done helps me sleep a little sounder at night as we all impatiently await November.

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