Joe Scarborough Responded To POTUS’ “Cruel” Attacks: “You’re Not Well — Let Mike Pence Run Things For The Next Week”

We're sure Trump will take this advice in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

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Joe Scarborough responded to one of Donald Trump’s bizarre attacks on the MSNBC host after the president suggested he was responsible for the 2001 death of one of his congressional staffers. That case was ruled as accidental by a medical examiner. Still, Trump was upset that someone dared to be critical of his appalling response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over one hundred and sixty-three thousand American lives. Trump used his Twitter account to call for an investigation into the intern’s death.

Scarborough did not hold back, calling Trump’s attack “extraordinarily cruel.”

“You actually tweeted something extraordinarily cruel,” Scarborough said on his show. “I know you meant to be extraordinarily cruel to me by attacking me, by bringing up a conspiracy theory that has lived in the gutters of the internet for some time now.”


“But just like the Seth Rich conspiracy murder that was pushed by your allies, you don’t understand the pain you cause, you cause to families who have already lost a loved one. Not me. Not my children,” he continued. “Not anybody that knows me or — they know the truth. You, once again, drag a family through this and make them relive it again, just like Seth Rich’s parents. As if losing a loved one the first time isn’t enough.”

“But this weekend, my God, you were supposed to have a working weekend,” Scarborough said. “You got it wrong again. You said 50,000, 60,000. Now you said 100,000 deaths. What did you do during your working weekend?”

“You attacked George W. Bush for simply sending out a unifying message, to give Americans hope. He said positive things about Americans. He said positive things about health care workers. He said positive things about this country. He said, ‘We choose to rise.’ Even that offended you.”

That’s when Scarborough said Trump needs a break because the president is “not well.”

“Mr. President, I ask that you get checked out. I ask that you take a rest. I ask that you take care of yourself,” he continued to say. “Maybe let Mike Pence run things for the next week. You’re not well. Let Mike Pence work with Dr. Fauci, work with Dr. Birx,” he said.

Scarborough repeated his call to Trump, saying, “Mr. President, you’re getting worse every day. You need to take a rest. You need to let Mike Pence actually run things for the next couple of weeks. Come back when you’re feeling a little better and when you can really actually focus on your job. You just can’t do that right now.”

“Americans are dying every day because of it,” he added.


Gee, it would be nice if Trump spent as much energy on helping the American people during the national crisis as he does lashing out at his critics in the most pathetic ways imaginable.

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