Jim Jordan Has A Freudian Slip, Appears To Call Trump Administration “Our Administration”

He's become a laughingstock.

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Rep. Jim Jordan thinks his job is to protect his corrupt “president,” even though the Ohio Republican has his own scandal to deal with. That’s the hill Gym Jordan wants to die on, apparently, as the impeachment inquiry is televised for all Americans to see. Jordan is a walking laughingstock who has disregarded his constituents because he would rather cover up Trump’s corruption. And hey, Jordan is good at that since he failed to report sexual abuse that occurred at Ohio State University. It’s no wonder that Jim doesn’t like Whistleblowers.

While the impeachment inquiry was on break, Jordan put his big foot in his fat mouth by saying, “our administration” instead of “Trump’s administration.”



Jordan just couldn’t stop himself today.

Jim thinks he is coaching wrestling as he disregards the oath he took to this country. This clip portrays Jordan’s bizarre performance today really well:

Republicans went on full display today, pushing the conspiracy theory that the real scandal is the Clinton campaign colluding with Ukraine, and we’re not sure why former President Barack Obama’s name wasn’t brought up more than it was. After all, Republicans are really good at blaming Trump’s predecessor for his misgivings. All we need is Republicans claiming the Whistleblower is running a child sex-slave ring in the basement of a pizzeria and we’ve come full-circle.

By calling it “our administration” before correcting himself, Jordan showed the world what Trump defenders are all about. Republicans will protect this failed “president” no matter what he does, or has been caught doing. It’s a cult, not an administration.

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