Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Asked By Liberty University To Take A Leave Of Absence “Effective Immediately” After Photo Debacle

Let he who is without sin cast off the first line from the yacht.

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Always in pursuit of the kind of piety that can serve as an example to his flock, Jerry Falwell Junior, the son of the legendary Baptist preacher by the same name who founded Liberty University, the megachurch Thomas Road Baptist, and the infamous Moral Majority movement, apologized this week for pictures taken aboard a yacht (presumably appropriately named the Galilee or Walks on Water or something tasteful like that) in which he was shown with his arm slung around a young woman who was notably not his wife Becki, both subjects with their pants unzipped, Junior with what appeared to be a cocktail beverage in his hand.

Okay, so I stand corrected on the name of his yacht. I assume the name “Wheels” is in honor of Ezekiel 10:9 from scriptures, when “God’s glory” exits the temple, a properly demure name for His humble servant’s yacht.


Falwell Jr. did as much damage control as possible after the photo surfaced, seeing as it looked essentially like a paused moment during an ocean-bound orgy, especially given, as Mrs. Bowers points out above, that the picture was taken inside the “sleeping” quarters of the mega-pastor, clearly right after he’d “ministered” to the young woman in the photo.

Now, following a call for his resignation from Republican Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina, also a pastor but clearly not getting any strange as Falwell Jr. is, Falwell has apparently agreed to take an “indefinite leave of absence” from Liberty University at the behest of the institution’s Board of Trustees.

“I’m gonna try to be a good boy,” Falwell seriously said to his children after the incident.

We have no doubt he will try.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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