Jared Kushner Agrees To Turn Over Documents To Democrats Following Mueller Report, May Turn On Trump

Kushner is blowing the whistle on Trump!

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Since the Mueller report dropped on Friday, the entire Republican party has been uncharacteristically quiet, leading many in their party to believe that they think they’re soon to be off scot-free. However, based on Jared Kushner’s recent actions since the conclusion of the probe, it seems that he may not feel so safe after all.

Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, who also happens to be Donald’s daughter, have recently been under the microscope for using personal email and WhatsApp accounts to conduct government business and correspondence — ironically enough, the same thing they chanted “Lock her up!” at Hillary Clinton over. But I digress.

Up until this point, Kushner and Ivanka have both been very cryptic and quiet when it comes to the accusations they’re facing, and they certainly weren’t being cooperative. But now that the Mueller report has dropped, and at the very least a summary of the findings is making its way to Congress by the week’s end, Kushner seems to suddenly be whistling a different tune.


In a report that surfaced last night, it seems that the senior White House advisor is suddenly very eager to cooperate with the investigation of the House Democrats.

Through his attorney, Kushner has informed the House Judiciary Committee that he will be handing over the requested documents  — and according to confidential sources, he’s already turned in some of them. Considering that the committee is looking into all facets of the Trump administration, campaign, and business, Kushner’s sudden change of heart could very well throw his father-in-law under the bus — something that it’s been rumored that Trump would eventually do to Jared.

Kushner’s legal representation, Abbe Lowell, informed the panel that he and his client will continue to provide any documentation requested in compliance with their request for information about the president.

The Trump administration can bask in the sun of Mar-a-Lago and ignore the elephant in the room all they’d like. Regardless of their cryptic silence, it seems that Kushner is quickly folding in fear — and may very well be throwing his father-in-law under the bus to save his own ass.

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