Ivanka Trump Taken To The Woodshed After Tweeting Out Bible Verse Amid Riots

You can shove your Bible verses, Sweetie.

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On May 25th, George Floyd was murdered in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A white police officer kneeled with his knee in the back of his neck for nearly ten minutes, as Floyd laid face down on the pavement, handcuffed and compliant, begging for his life, pleading “I can’t breathe!” like so many African-American lives before him.

One of the last things to escape his mouth was a plea for his mother.

The officer didn’t remove his knee from Floyd’s neck until his lifeless body was loaded onto a stretcher.


All because Floyd allegedly tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill to purchase cigarettes — a charge that has never been worthy of the death penalty.

As Floyd’s murder becomes the Nth African-American death to happen at the hands of a white police force, people all across this nation are joining with the Black Lives Matters movement to protest and riot against police brutality.

Buildings are burning to the ground, entire streets are filled with angry bodies and smoke. This nation is sick, and its people have had enough. All while our president continues to incite violence against those brave enough to stand up to their oppressors — encouraging police forces to use violence, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and even guns to diffuse the protests.

And what’s Ivanka Trump doing?

She’s attempting to paint herself as a Godly person while her daddy pushes to have us all killed.

Taking to her Twitter account this morning, Trump’s eldest daughter graced us all with a little Bible verse as cities continue to burn to the ground and only one officer has been charged with third-degree murder.

Sorry, Ivanka. The Lord didn’t do shit to save George Floyd. Or any of those who came before him.

Twitter users were quick to tell Daddy’s Princess where she could shove her Bible verses:

Your Bible verses are just like your thoughts and prayers, sweetie. Completely f*cking useless.

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