Ivanka Trump Gets Roasted For Not Putting Her Hand Over Her Heart During National Anthem

None of them have any respect!

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Ivanka Trump managed to weasel her way into the state banquet at Buckingham Palace with her father and stepmother earlier this week. While most everyone was outraged that she was present at all, many also noticed that Ivanka committed a pretty serious patriotic blunder when she didn’t even put her hand over her heart as the national anthem played.

Ivanka was attending the banquet as a “guest” of Queen Elizabeth’s along with many other members of the Trump family and administration that had absolutely no business being there when she was caught with her hands at her sides during the “Star Spangled Banner.”

The Flag Code states that when our nation’s anthem is played, “all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.”


While the Flag Code isn’t generally strictly enforced, and there is no punishment for not following it, it is a huge act of disrespect for someone like the First Daughter to ignore it and not cover her heart — and social media users let her know about it

This isn’t the first time a member of the Trump family failed to follow the Flag Code as our national anthem was being played — Trump himself was caught with his hands down at the White House Easter egg roll before his wife Melania had to give him a nudge to remind him.

Just goes to show how little respect this whole entire family truly has for our country.

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