Internet Responds To Video Of Trump’s Hair Flapping In The Wind: “His Hair Parted Like The Red Sea”

Someone get this dude a hairpiece already!

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I’m not sure if it’s the impending election, the multiple investigations still raging against him by several other entities besides Congress, the fact that he’s floundering in the polls, the fact that he will forever be an impeached president, or maybe he’s still reeling from the fact that a few of his GOP cronies weren’t so keen on backing him up through his Senate impeachment trial — but something’s got Donald Trump off his beautification game.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy ain’t cute on a good day. But he’s always been as vain as the day is long. He tends to prefer every thin strand of his putrid cotton-candy-esque hair to be perfectly plastered in a specific spot. He likes his spray tan to have a nice, even, radioactive orange glow from head to toe. He wants his shoes perfectly lifted to just the right angle that he almost topples forward when he stands.

But lately, he’s really been slacking.


Just last week, the White House Photos Twitter account released a picture of Trump that featured what appeared to be a burnt orange colored makeup line clearly encircling his face that was so bad beauty bloggers around the world are still screaming.

Trump and his White House quickly tried to do damage control by blaming it on the sun, claiming it was photoshopped and editing the photo to black and white (which didn’t help AT ALL, by the way) but the damage was already done.

Since Trump’s photoshop claims and onslaught of excuses, video footage from when the picture was captured has now begun to make its rounds on social media — and it’s just gotten worse for Donnie.

In addition to betraying his orange face and proving that photoshop had nothing to do with it, his wispy hair was quite the mess, as well.

In the picture, you could see that Trump’s thinning hairdo was whisked back by what was likely the wind that day. Now that the video has surfaced, you can clearly see the last few strands left clinging to his scalp just a whipping around in the breeze.

While Trump tends to keep it all perfectly plastered down in what I’m assuming is a bad attempt at a comb-over, the video goes to show that he just doesn’t have much more left on his head than he does inside it:

As expected, Twitter users couldn’t get enough of this shit:

Sometimes all you can do is just laugh.

Featured image via screen capture

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