Internet Responds To Matt Gaetz After He Sends His “Thoughts And Prayers” To Victims In Pensacola

You can shove your 'thoughts and prayers,' Gaetz. We want action!

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Yet another mass shooting rocked our country today, this time at the U.S. Naval Air Station Pensacola.

The gunman, who has since been reported to be a Saudi aviation student at the Air Station, opened fire inside a classroom this morning — killing three and wounding an additional seven before being shot and killed by deputies on the scene during the attack, per confirmation from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

So far, the identity of the now-deceased suspect has not been released by authorities.


The Associated Press has reported that the gunman was part of the Saudi Air Force, a second lieutenant, who was in the United States for additional training. A spokeswoman for the FBI has confirmed that the Bureau has now taken over the investigation and authorities will be determining whether the tragedy was an act of terrorism.

Of those injured in the attack, Baptist Hospital spokesperson Kathy Bowers told The Daily Beast, “We do not have any conditions to report at this time. Our teams are treating patients and we are working with Navy personnel to communicate with family members.”

This slaughter will go down in the books as yet another senseless loss of life in our nation thanks to nothing more than a priority to guns over human life.

However, that fact will do nothing to stop the influx of useless GOP “thoughts and prayers” in lieu of actual action against the epidemic that is gun violence in the US.

Hailing from Florida himself, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was quick to take to his Twitter account and offer up his useless, ineffective, and frankly downright maddening condolences for Pensacola in the wake of this tragic massacre.

“NAS Pensacola is a huge source of pride for all of Northwest Florida. It is the home of naval aviation. It is the home of the Blue Angels. In our home, this is who we are,” the GOP lawmaker’s tweet read. “Thank you for keeping Pensacola in your hearts and in your prayers as we deal with this difficult day.”

The statement was captioning a video of Gaetz on a phone interview with ABC 3 News, a station local to the Pensacola area, during which he offered up more futile garbage without even making mention of the actual problem at hand.

To say the least, Gaetz’s half-assed attempt on social media was not well-received:

But don’t worry folks. Our “president” seems to be in full agreement with his GOP minion — tweeting out a similar post of obligatory “thoughts and prayers” before retweeting Gaetz’s post.

It’s nice to know we can all sleep with one eye open for the foreseeable future because evidently our lives aren’t worth some gun rights.

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