Internet Reacts To Trump Reportedly Holding A Buffet-Style Lunch With Senate Republicans: “All You Can Eat Chili With A Side Of Rona”

What are they thinking?

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Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues seem to be doing the opposite of what health experts are advising to fight the coronavirus. Republicans, including the president, are seen gallivanting around without wearing protective face masks and whatnot, and now, Politico’s Jake Sherman tweeted out another boneheaded idea they came up with: Going to a buffet-style lunch with the president.

It’s bad enough that Republicans have flouted the administration’s own guidelines, but the president is taking an unproven drug for COVID-19 while completely ignoring the FDA’s warnings against it. Well, Trump claimed he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, but whatever this president says should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Twitter users pounced:

Stupidity like theirs should be agonizingly painful. At least that way they wouldn’t infect the rest of us. Just go all in, Republicans, and touch each other’s faces, give each other a big sloppy kiss, and lick each other’s eyeballs while you’re at it.

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