Internet Perfectly Mocked Trump After Photo Appeared To Show Him Scared To Shake Hands With Member Of The Military

Trump is such a coward he's scared of shaking hands with the troops now.

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Donald Trump disrespectfully recoiled in terror as he refused to shake hands with a uniformed member of the military upon exiting Marine One.

As protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue across the country, one should not forget that the nation is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 125,000 Americans.

Of course, that hasn’t bothered Trump at all. He even goes around refusing to wear masks while pretending everything is fine.


But for all his effort to put on a tough-guy act, a photographer was able to catch the moment when Trump looked totally terrified of shaking hands with a member of the military who tried to greet him at Marine One.

Are conservatives going to complain about Trump disrespecting a soldier? Because refusing to shake hands with a member of the armed forces as president is incredibly insulting, not to mention unpresidential.

Social media certainly took notice and mocked Trump into oblivion.

The way Trump reacted to this extended hand, you would think he’s trying to dodge the Vietcong like he desperately did during the Vietnam War by dodging the draft five times. This time, he was dodging one of our own men in uniform. It’s pathetic.

Featured image via screen capture

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