Internet Has Something To Say About Trump’s Claim To Save Social Security: “You Said On Live TV That You’re Gonna Cut It”

He's off his meds again, Nurse!

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This article could easily be titled “Donald Trump lied,” and no one would be surprised because the “president” is so full of shit he needs a toilet handle attached to his jaw. Trump’s lies are easily disprovable, but his supporters apparently lack the skills to use Google. While in Davos for the World Economic Forum, Trump told CNBC that “entitlement programs” such as Social Security and Medicare will be potentially cut in the near future, calling them “the easiest of all things” to carve from the budget, because “it’s such a big percentage.”

Trump said those words while he was in Davos, Switzerland where he rubbed elbows with the world’s most elite billionaires. The Trump administration has suggested cutting direly needed programs before; after all, someone has to pay for the GOP’s tax cuts for the wealthy.

Here he is admitting it:


Maybe one of Trump’s advisors warned the “president” that cutting necessary programs for vulnerable Americans won’t help him win a second term. Or, perhaps Trump is a pathological liar.

“Democrats are going to destroy your Social Security,” he tweeted. “I have totally left it alone, as promised, and will save it!”

Twitter users piled in.

There are only three choices to explain Trump’s most recent lie: He’s fucking nuts and doesn’t remember what he said the day before, he’s lying his ass off, or he’s fucking nuts and a liar. Cruelty is the point with Mr. Trump.

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