Insiders Claim Trump Overruled His Staff In Order To Give Ivanka Top Security Clearance

He sure has a lot of 'absolute rights' that no one's ever heard of.

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It’s no longer a secret that Trump is a lawbreaker. There may be quibbles about how many laws he’s broken and in what ways, but Donald Trump is definitely on camera discussing crimes he has committed and crimes he would commit, given the opportunity to commit them.

In fact, he’s been clearly guilty of a number of crimes for so long it’s hard to fathom how it’s taken until now to get an impeachment underway — the man should have been led away in handcuffs long, long ago.

Notwithstanding any conspiratorial crimes he may be guilty of in conjunction with the Russian interference in the 2016 election — heck, we could throw out the entire Mueller report at this point — the proof of one of his first clearly impeachable violations of his oath to the Constitution came earlier this year when CNN reported that Trump had bypassed his advisory staff and his intelligence leaders in order to give a top-secret security clearance to his daughter Ivanka.


We’re reminded of it now because of a couple of factors: Number one, the Congressman most dedicated to getting to the bottom of Trump’s shady security clearance dispositions was none other than the recently-passed Elijah Cummings, who was probably the biggest watchdog this administration had to contend with.

Number two, Trump has circled back to the use of the term “absolute right” — something he claims he has in so many instances that he tends to sound like he thinks he is the King of America. Personally granting Ivanka a security clearance was one of the most prominent uses of that term, and really the first time the public came to understand that when he employs the phrase, what he means is that if he didn’t actually have that right as President, he’s asserting it now and forever.

And number three, this was perhaps the first major case of presidential nepotism — a topic that has come under intense scrutiny, some of it highly ironic, since the President started trying to revive a conspiracy theory about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Never mind the fact that Ivanka had no need for a top-secret security clearance; at the world events she’d have needed it for, she has largely only made a fool of herself. Never mind that her husband Jared got a security clearance under even shadier circumstances than her own. Never mind the fact that Ivanka swore that her father had nothing to do with her security clearance, making her either a bald-faced liar or so stupid that she actually thinks she got it on her own merits.

The real issue is how casually Trump committed this crime under the pretense of his “absolute right” to do whatever he wants.

Are we seriously still waiting on this impeachment?

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