Insider Claims Trump Personally Called Fox News To Complain About How They Cover Him, Reportedly Told Them They “Suck”

He's such a cry baby.

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Donald Trump has never had a good relationship with the media — and it all boils down to the fact that he doesn’t like it when the truth about him is reported. Since the dawn of his reign of terror in this nation, Trump has heavily depended on the essentially state-run Fox News Network to air the content that he sees fit — meaning only things that paint him in a flattering light, regardless of whether or not the information is actually true.

Any outlet other than Fox is regularly and publicly condemned by the “president” and stuck with the label of “fake news” because they dared to report on things accurately with zero regard to the effect that it would have on Donald’s reputation.

However, after Fox News slipped up and aired a few different polls that showed Donald floundering against some of his Democratic candidates, he hasn’t had many nice things to say about his most beloved media outlet as of late.


And now a new report is indicating that Trump actually became so miffed with the network, in fact, that he personally phoned up the Chief Executive of Fox News, Suzanne Scott to whine about how unfairly he feels her network is covering him.

According to a report from the New York Times, Trump rang the executive during the late part of this summer and criticized her pollsters, reportedly stating that they “suck” after a Fox News poll indicated that the majority of Americans support his impeachment — Scott recommended that Donald sit down for an interview with Brett Baier.

He also took the opportunity to complain about the numerous polls aired by the network that depicts him falling behind his Democratic opponents.

It seems that this call took place around the same time Donald tweeted back in August stating that the cable network “isn’t working for us anymore” and told his supporters that they “have to start looking for a new News Outlet.”

Of course, all of Trump’s anger with the outlet has done nothing to hinder him from falling back of them when he sees fit — often tweeting out quotes from anchors that are still staunchly supportive of him.

He just still seems to be under the impression that he should be able to call up anyone he sees fit and demand that they do what he wants.

Let us know how that works for you from jail, buddy.

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