Insider Claims Trump Fears John Bolton Is Behind Ukraine Leaks

His paranoia is getting out of hand.

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Reports are now indicating that Donald Trump’s paranoia is reaching new heights as he’s allegedly become convinced that his former national security adviser John Bolton is on the warpath to have him destroyed.

Bolton departed Trump’s White House last month on rather rocky terms — with Bolton ultimately texting into a live Fox News segment to dispute Trump’s claim that he’d had the pleasure of terminating his employment. Due to the unsavory manner in which the working relationship fell apart, sources inside the White House are now revealing that Donald suspects Bolton is the mastermind behind several unpleasant media leaks against him, as reported by the Daily Beast.

Reports have recently indicated that Bolton was top on the list of Trump administration officials that were deeply disturbed over Donald’s attempted extortion of Ukraine via a call with the country’s president. And three different insider sources have now claimed that Trump believes Bolton was the anonymous individual responsible for leaking that information to the press in an attempt to make him look bad.


“[Trump] was clearly implying something to the effect of, ‘Oh, gee, I wonder who the source on that could be.'” one source stated of the situation.

Bolton responded to the website by stating that leaking the allegations against him were “flatly incorrect.”

Thus far, neither the White House nor Bolton has directly commented on Trump’s alleged suspicions. However, Matt Schlapp, long-time Trump ally, told the Daily Beast that he feels the leaks are coming from “career folks inside who hate Trump,” but could not say with certainty in regard to Bolton.

Schlapp went on to state, “He’s smarter than that, although he does aggressively defend himself.”

Of course, Donald has always been a rather suspicious, paranoid little man. But his mental state has only worsened since the whistleblower scandal broke.

In fact, his paranoia has become so bad as of late that he’s struggling to even put together an impeachment defense team — as it seems the only people he trusts anymore are himself and evidently Rudy Giuliani.

If we’re lucky, Trump will ultimately end up screwing himself and we’ll all get to watch him be packed away in a jacket that makes him hug himself, muttering crazily about the Clintons, Bolton, and Joe Biden.

You can read the full report from the Daily Beast here.

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