Insider Claimed Trump Called MSNBC Journalist Covering His Campaign “That B*tch With The Tr*nny Dad”

Now THIS is out of bounds.

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In the new book Sinking In The Swamp by reporters Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng, out just a few months ago, the authors painted a picture of Donald Trump that may be familiar to you: The angry, petty, vindictive man seemingly perpetually stuck in his adolescence, given to calling names and expounding on examples of what he considers the unfair treatment of him, or to be more specific… Fake News.

In fact, the authors even allow for the possibility that Trump’s relationship with the media is a bit of a codependency — Trump reliant on the media to point cameras at him endlessly and provide the requisite outlet for his vanity, and the media reliant on Trump for material for their breathless panel discussions about what a monster he is, or how he now appears presidential, depending on how much the news about him benefits them personally.

But part of the synopsis that the Daily Beast provided in an article to promote the book depicts Trump in an even darker light than perhaps what you’re used to seeing.


From the piece:

During the constant melees of the Republican presidential primaries, Trump defined himself by his enemies: the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Low-Energy Jebs, the Little Marcos, the Lyin’ Teds, the insufficiently subservient members of the media class.

One of these enemies who was especially adept at getting on Trump’s nerves was the NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who would go on to write a memoir of her time covering the campaign and land an MSNBC anchor gig during a prime daytime slot.”

Trump harbored a very special hatred toward Katy after a sit-down interview with him devolved into a defensive shouting match between the two, Trump badgering her harder and harder about questions he had no interest in answering.

That contentious relationship went on to the point where Katy was forced to get Secret Service to escort her away from a Trump rally she was covering, fearing for her life from his violent, unhinged supporters.

But something that Trump knew about Katy’s personal life led him to give her perhaps the cruelest private nickname of all the media figures with whom he regularly battles. Tur’s biological father, you see was born Robert Tur — but after hormone treatment that began in 2013, Robert is now Zoey Tur.

And that means to Trump, Katy is now “that bitch with the tranny dad.”

That’s horrifying.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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