Hunter Biden Breaks His Silence In Response To Trump, Agrees To An Interview

Let's hope this shuts up Trump for good.

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Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President and current Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential race Joe Biden, has agreed to a “no holds barred” interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, the episode of which will air Tuesday featuring his appearance.

Hunter spoke with Amy Robach of the program, ABC said, and although there are no details yet of the interview scheduled to be shown on tomorrow morning’s show, it is inevitable that the two discuss the ongoing scandal in which Trump is accusing the Bidens of malfeasance in Ukraine in order to deflect from his own crimes against America involving Ukraine’s president.

The Bidens have already been investigated for the actions that Trump now accuses them of corruption over, and found that nothing they did warranted investigation in the first place. Trump and his legal team and campaign surrogates have attempted to paint the former VP’s trip to Ukraine to demand the dismissal of a top government prosecutor there as a legal favor to his son, who was doing work for a company that this particular prosecutor was supposed to be investigating.


But Biden’s ultimately successful pressure on Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin was not only an example of the Vice President doing actual work for the US government while he was in office — wanting Shokin gone was US policy at the time, and had nothing to do with Joe’s son — but it came because Shokin was not investigating corruption as he had been tasked with doing.

Robach said on Monday morning that she had spent the weekend interviewing Hunter Biden:

We spoke there at his home in Los Angeles for an exclusive interview and no questions were off-limits. We talked as you might imagine in depth about his business dealings in Ukraine, China and his reaction to president trump’s rally and tweets.”

Trump has made Hunter a focus of not just his comments at back-to-back rallies last week but of his tweets as well:

Of course, an in-depth interview with Hunter announced less than 24 hours after his “Hunter has disappeared, media is AWOL” tweet makes Trump look pretty foolish. But then, there isn’t much that doesn’t make Trump look foolish these days.

Some question the wisdom of airing this interview on the same day as the upcoming Democratic debate, as nearly all questions directed at Joe Biden will now likely concern Ukraine and the distraction and cover that Biden’s involvement in the country has provided and is likely to provide during the campaign.

But Hunter’s story must be told, and the sooner the better.

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