Host Who Took Over Shepherd Smith’s Spot Goes After Trump, Fact Checks His Claim About Kurds

Any bets on how long he lasts?

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As I’m sure you’re well aware by this point, one of the last decent human beings to exist at the essentially state-run Fox News Network, Shepard Smith, turned in a very sudden resignation a few days ago — effective immediately.

After literal decades of service to the network, his unexpected departure naturally left a lot of people rather shaken. Reports are indicating that even his fellow colleagues were unaware of his decision to leave the media outlet until they learned of the news during Smith’s announcement during his segment — which would actually be his last. It has since been reported that several of Shep’s coworkers were visibly upset, at a loss for words, and some were even in tears.

Smith was one of the very few individuals left within the Fox News Network that was willing to criticize Donald Trump and speculations have swirled since indicating that his public denouncing of the president is what led to his ultimate departure. And rightly so, truthfully, considering it’s since been reported that not only was Donald so vexed with the network that he actually, personally called Chief Executive Suzanne Scott, but his Attorney General Bill Barr also held an unexplained meeting with the CEO Rupert Murdoch, not a full two days before Shep flew the coop.


However, if Smith’s untimely departure truly did boil down to his criticism of the president, I couldn’t imagine his replacement can plan on lasting very long either — considering he essentially picked up right where Shepard left off.

Fox revealed to Newsweek that “the 3 p.m. hour will remain a news hour called Fox News Reporting with Jon Scott and Trace Gallagher among the anchors filling in.”

During a preview for the segment with Gallagher, the new anchor touched on “one of the biggest fears” of Trump’s presidency regarding the recent ordeal with Syria and explained how that fear “is now unfolding.”

“Trump says we are not abandoning the Kurds, but last week he announced U.S. troops were pulling back from northeastern Syria, leaving the American-allied Kurds vulnerable to Turkey’s attack — and the Turkish military attacked several days later,” Trace stated.

You can watch the clip of the video here.

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