Hometown Newspaper Appears To Blast Nunes, Says “He Should Step Aside” And Work For Fox News Instead

Something tells me Nunes isn't welcome home anymore.

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GOP Representative Devin Nunes has made it strikingly clear over the course of the Trump presidency that “free press” isn’t a thing he’s interested in getting behind — United States Constitution be damned.

He takes after his dear leader Donald Trump in the sense that he seems to believe that the right to free press should only exist under the terms that said press limits their coverage to things that paint him in a flattering light. Once they start telling the truth, calling him out on his corruption, or refusing to pledge their loyalty to him he’s no longer a champion of their Constitutional rights.

After all, we’re talking about a grown man that’s currently in the throes of a lawsuit against a fake cow.


He’s regularly made it a point to declare to any media outlet that he doesn’t deem right-wing nut-job friendly that not only will he be conversing with them in any way, but he will also likely be bringing up a lawsuit against them simply for doing their job.

According to a new report from Nunes hometown paper, The Fresno Bee, the GOP Rep’s “war against the free press reached a new low on Tuesday when he barred The Fresno Bee from covering a major water forum in Tulare, Calif.”

Bee reporters Carmen George and Kate Irby revealed that “The Fresno Bee learned at 10 a.m. Tuesday that its reporters would not be allowed to cover the event, after receiving tickets Thursday via email after registering for it on an Eventbrite website.”

One Nunes staffer allegedly told the reporters, “I want to make it clear that it’s invited press only, and you’re not on the list and your ticket will not scan at the door.”

George and Irby pointed out in their report, “Nunes has routinely concealed his public schedules in California for the past several years and rescheduled fundraising events when logistical details have leaked,” in an effort to avoid his constituents at all cost.

“We expect such behavior from authoritarian countries, but not in the United States — and not here in central California,” The Bee report concluded. “If Nunes can’t tolerate the basic responsibilities of public life, like allowing reporters to cover his events, he should step aside and find a new job — perhaps as a Fox News commentator.”

“After all, while he’s invisible in his district, he seems to live on Fox News. Nunes loves it there because, unlike in town halls or newspaper interviews, Fox News doesn’t call out his lies or asks tough questions. Seems like a perfect fit.”

It looks as though Nunes is burning his bridges far faster than he can build them. You know you’ve reached a new low when they don’t even want you back home anymore.

You can read the full report here.

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