“Hold It, Hold It, Hold It”: Trump Appears To Snap At CNN Reporter Who Dared To Mention “So Many Deaths” From Coronavirus

Good grief.

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Ever since we first learned that coronavirus has seeped into the United States, Donald Trump has made it his life’s mission to convince the American public that it’s just not that big a deal.

As I’m sure you recall, one of his very first public comments on the potentially fatal virus was centered around how quickly he predicted we’d be down to “zero” cases — and he’s clung tightly to that basic narrative ever since then.

So, it should really come as no surprise that, even in the midst of over 150,000 dead in this nation and record-breaking new infection rates with each passing moment, Trump continues to peddle the idea that everything is fine. Even though we can see that the proverbial house is on fire.


He wants schools back open and packed with teachers and students. He wants televised sports (with absolutely no kneeling) back on the big screen. And he wants America as a whole back to business as usual without anyone having to worry about those pesky masks and social distancing.

And frankly, anyone who dares to challenge that idea had better watch out.

The only two actual medical professionals to make it onto Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force have now found themselves on the receiving end of Donald’s wrath after both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx dared to disagree with his narrative, and now he’s coming after every soul that has the nerve to call him on his nonsense.

During a White House event on the coronavirus response, Donald quickly found himself rather irked with CNN’s Jim Acosta refused to back down and go along with Trump’s narrative that all is well with the world.

Trump’s feud with the CNN reporter started when Acosta asked Trump to explain why Task Force members were contradicting his coronavirus messaging — which just resulted in Trump spewing out more misinformation.

However, it was when Acosta confronted Donald regarding “so many deaths” from the coronavirus that Trump got rather testy.

“Hold it, hold it, hold it,” Trump fired back as the CNN reporter tried to confront Trump about his lies. “Fake news CNN. Hold it.”

He then, of course, took to bragging on himself and the “great job” he and his administration have done so far.

Basically, if you haven’t figured out how to decode Trump speak yet, that translates to, “Shut up. We don’t talk about that part. Now praise me or get out.”

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