Hillary Clinton Takes A Swipe At Trump: “Please Do Not Take Medical Advice From A Man Who Looked Directly At A Solar Eclipse”

Hillary Clinton makes a good point here.

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Former Secretary of State and Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hilariously burned President Donald Trump in response to his terrible coronavirus medical advice.

Trump has been touting anti-malaria drug chloroquine as some kind of miracle cure for the virus even though it is already killing people who listen to him.

Trump is not a scientist, nor is he a medical professional. In fact, his own health officials and the FDA have warned that chloroquine has not been put through the rigorous testing needed to conclude that it is a treatment for the coronavirus. Also, it’s a dangerous drug that can kill people.


Trump is also planning to end the social distancing strategy put in place by health officials to fight the virus because he says sacrificing people’s lives for the sake of the economy is what’s best.

Well, Hillary Clinton implored Americans not to take advice from a moron who looked directly at a solar eclipse.

Indeed, Trump did look directly at a solar eclipse back in August 2017 even though kids are specifically taught and warned from a young age not to do so because it can harm our eyes.

Trump didn’t heed scientific warnings then, and he’s not doing so now. That makes him a danger to a country at a time when we need intelligent leadership that will put saving lives first.

The coronavirus pandemic has already infected over 45,000 Americans. At least 600 have died. The last thing anyone should be doing is listening to Trump right now. Had Clinton been president, our country would be in much better hands right now.

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