Hillary Clinton Just Responded To Trump’s “Witness Intimidation” Of Yovanovitch, Safe To Say POTUS Won’t Like This

This is perfect.

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In a tweet on Friday morning that came during a break in the Yovanovitch testimony on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump’s former nemesis Hillary Clinton weighed in on what has been the biggest news to come out of that room today: Trump’s real-time witness intimidation attempt against the former Ambassador.

There’s really no question, despite what Republicans like Rep. Lee Zeldin have breathlessly claimed in the hallways and aisles of the building as they wait for the Committee to reconvene, that intimidation was the purpose of Trump’s tweet during Yovanovitch’s testimony:


In fact, it’s been a recurring theme with this administration, including intimidation against witnesses in the Mueller investigation. Two of Trump’s cohorts have actually been found guilty of witness tampering and intimidation already — Paul Manafort, and moments ago, Roger Stone — and it’s been a method of Trump’s to get what he wants for his entire career even prior to the presidency.

Hillary had something to say about that:

There was plenty of agreement:

It’s hard to imagine how Republicans come back from the break and clean up Trump’s newest mess, but it should be almost as entertaining as this tweet to watch them try.

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