Hillary Clinton Gets In Car Accident, Republicans React In The Most Disgusting Way

There were no "thoughts and prayers" here.

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While the spineless Republicans in Congress will barely lift a finger when it comes to passing laws that will make our country better and safer, one thing they are really good at doing is offering their “thoughts and prayers” whenever something bad happens. However, it seems that this only applies to certain situations, because the GOP certainly wasn’t praying for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was in a car accident earlier today.

Clinton’s van was involved in a small (fortunately nonfatal) car accident today when the driver crashed into a pole in a parking garage while arriving at a fundraiser for Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). This was caught on camera and instead of reacting with the concern and prayers the GOP normally pretends to have so they can save face, they wasted no time in mocking Clinton.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) actually joked and tweeted this disgusting video from its official Twitter account – which is a completely inappropriate response to any accident, much less one involving a well respected government official.


NRSC Executive Director Chris Hansen also joined in on the GOP’s sick version of “fun.”

Fortunately, Clinton exited from the vehicle unscathed and it was not a serious crash. However, Americans should really consider ahead of midterms whether or not they want such heartless, sick sociopaths ruling the country. The Republican Party’s reaction to this is so inappropriate that it should really have every conservative reassessing if they want to be associated with a party like this.

Featured image via screen capture

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