Guest Who Stayed At Trump Property Claims There’s A Copy Of POTUS’s Book “How To Get Rich” In Bedside Drawer Where You Might Usually Find A Bible

He's going to burst into flames one of these days.

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On Monday, Donald Trump addressed the nation outside the White House, presumably after emerging from his bunker. The president then waddled over to nearby St. John’s Church for a photo-op while holding a Bible that amazingly did not burst into flames. Trump was using the death of George Floyd, a black man who was murdered by Minneapolis police officers, to turn the military against American citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Trump failed to tell the pastor what was about to take place and that move “outraged” the church. The Episcopalian leader of DC, Bishop Mariann Budde, who oversees the church that Trump used for a photo-op, slammed the president’s decision. Donald Trump has to be the most ungodly president this country has ever witnessed as he sows division and hate.

Reporter and Jillian Jorgenson posted a photo she had taken in May of 2013 while staying at a Trump hotel. She noted that instead of a Bible in the bedside drawer, there was a copy of Trump’s book, ‘How To Get Rich,’ and that seems to say a lot about the former TV reality show star that’s currently occupying the White House.


Jaws dropped across the United States after Trump unleashed an authoritarian-type speech during a national crisis, then clutched a Bible. This man has failed on every level to calm this country during the coronavirus pandemic and during protests against the murder of Mr. Floyd and so many other black individuals who have been killed on the street and in their own homes.

I realize that Trumpers will counter my points of Trump’s ungodliness with that cherished quote in the Bible, “Unleash tear-gas and flashbangs upon my children and dominate them.” Or the other one: “Raw-dog porn stars then pay them off to silence them.” Both of those can be found in the book of Covefefe that is next to Two Corinthians, of course.

Featured image via Political Tribune

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