Governor Of West Virginia Pleads To Have GOP Convention In His State, Says The State Would Welcome “Any President” Except “Maybe Not Barack Obama”


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West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, one of the most conservative and openly racist elected officials in America, made a pitch for his state to host the Republican National Convention for the 2020 election after Donald Trump proclaimed that he wanted to move it from Charlotte, NC following that state’s governor’s announcement that the planned convention would have to follow COVID safety protocols.

Justice, fresh off a February dust-up in which he labeled the entire Woodrow Wilson High School girls’ basketball team a “bunch of thugs,” had a racially-similar message during a Wednesday news conference where he lamented the fact that although he’d like the convention in Charleston, it would likely be subject to the same distancing and mask protocols as any other state might require, and it was therefore unlikely he’d land the bid.

If they were to come, they have many very, very strict protocols. First and foremost, I would say we’ve got to look at those protocols and be assured that we would absolutely be safe and be safe in every way in West Virginia.”

He did make it plain, however, that his state is welcoming of everyone and specifically any president. Well, except one:


I wanted to let him know just how welcome he is in West Virginia, and ANY president, you know, we should absolutely welcome all but, you know… maybe not Barack Obama.”

Dear Governor Justice: That’s not even coded racism. You’d think on the day after the biggest white supremacist in Congress, Iowa’s Steve King, lost his primary race and now has to prepare for life as a guy who no longer gets paid to be a Nazi, that other Republicans might at least try to couch their racism in terms slightly less overt than “any president is welcome here except the one black one.”

You’ll forgive my bluntness, but that’s some bullshit.

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