Gohmert Reportedly Showed Up In Person To Tell Everyone At His Office That He Had Contracted COVID, Left Staffers Stunned

Good grief.

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It sure looks like the US is in for the long-haul with the COVID-19 pandemic, as our president and his Republican colleagues don’t seem to understand — or care about — the basic guidelines in flattening the curve. In the latest example, Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas), who has opted against wearing a mask around the Capitol, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. We can label Gohmert as a super-spreader of the disease that has now brought this country to a standstill. To further prove that, Gohmert did yet another thing that even a child knows not to do amid the pandemic — especially if you’ve contracted COVID-19.

ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders tweeted that Gohmert “went back to his Capitol Hill office after testing positive for COVID-19 at the White House. The question now is — where does he quarantine?”



“Just want to emphasize — Rep. Gohmert returned to his Capitol Hill office & told staff he wanted to inform them *in person* instead of finding out from news reports,” Faulders added. “Some staffers were already in the process of leaving as Gohmert came back, I’m told.”

Politico’s Jake Sherman weighed in, thus confirming Faulders’ report.

Gohmert’s recklessness shouldn’t just bother his staff, but everyone. The anti-mask MAGA Republicans are putting others in danger. And now Attorney General William Barr will be tested for the coronavirus on Wednesday after coming into contact with Gohmert briefly.

“The attorney general will be tested today,” the Justice Department said in a brief statement after the department was notified that Gohmert had tested positive for the virus.

Gohmert said that he was scheduled to travel with Trump to West Texas and therefore had to be tested at the White House before he could board the plane. The rapid test he was administered came back positive.

Gohmert further said that in the last week or two he was worn a mask more than he has in the past four months.

“I can’t help but wonder if by keeping a mask on and keeping it in place, if I might have put some… of the virus on the mask and breathed it in… But the reports of my demise are very premature.”

What an absolute walnut.

All of the despair, chaos, illness, and deaths we’re witnessing daily could have been avoided if our elected officials could follow simple guidelines. We wouldn’t still be shuttered in our homes, and the homelessness rate wouldn’t be about to spike. The unemployment numbers wouldn’t be so staggering, and Americans would be back to their normal lives. Just look at New Zealand. As I said, every American should be angry about this.

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